You Don’t Need To Wait For Next New Years To Change

I think the absolute hardest thing to do when it comes to changing your body is simply starting. You know you are not happy with how you look and more importantly are not happy with the way you feel.  You’ve made the discovery that a change is needed and you may even know what type of change that is; lose fat, increase strength, gain confidence, etc.

Everyone including trainers are guilty of postponing that very first step, that very first attempt at going into a new direction.  With New Years just around the corner whordes of people will make getting fit their New Year’s resolution.  Deciding you are ready to make a huge change such as this is a huge accomplishment, but it does not have to wait until New Years.  If you are ready, by all means, get moving!  Here are some of the reasons I have run into in why people wait until that magical New Year to start.

  • I want to start the New Year with a clean slate. This is great!  Who doesn’t appreciate a chance to improve themselves and a fresh start.  The thing of it is though, you will start this with the bet of intentions but you will make mistakes. We all do it.  You will run into things that do not work. Several times during the upcoming year you will have to “wipe the slate clean” and try something different.  Do not give up, do not let this take your thunder.  Your body will adapt, you will make changes.


  • I want to enjoy the holiday food. I have used this one myself and for me it translated into “I want an excuse to eat everything that I see. Come January I’m going on a diet so it doesn’t matter.”  In the past I could gain 5-10 lbs easy from Thanksgiving through New Years do to my love of simple sugars which lead to some massive water weight. Why make it harder on yourself by adding weight to a weight loss goal you already feel is going to take an enormous effort?


  • I made a pact with my best friend that we would start working out next year.  The “I don’t want to let my friend down” routine.  A workout partner is great, but again, if you are ready do not guilt yourself into stopping just because it will make your friend feel bad if you start before they do.  You will not progress the same and will not hit your goals at the exact same time so the fact that you started a little earlier is irrelevant.


  • I’m too busy getting ready for the holidays to start working out.  Do a five minute non-stop circuit of burpees, push-ups, sit-ups and dips every morning and you will burn a ton of calories.  Add more, add something different when things slow down.  You have time to watch Chevy Chase and Christmas Vacation 50 times over the holidays, you have time to workout.


  • It takes away from family time.   Family is important but this is still a poor excuse.  You don’t need to spend all day working out.  I don’t think taking 30 minutes for yourself is being selfish. If you take care of yourself better you will be able to take care of your family better.


There are other reasons of course but these are what I most run into.  The point here is that if you are ready to make a change than make a change.  Do not rely on some arbitrary date to tell you that its time.  If you start early you can accomplish your goal early.


Take care and happy holidays to all!




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